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 Published Papers

  1. Approachability with delayed information, 2015. Journal of Economic Theory. (with Ehud Lehrer)​ 
    Tags: Approachability; delayed information; imperfect asymmetric information.

  2. Reward Schemes, 2018.  Games And Economic Behavior. (with Ehud Lehrer
    Tags: Portfolio management; Investment game; Market design.

  3. Credit Auctions and Bid caps, 2019. Games And Economic Behavior. 
    Tags: Credit auctions; Default.

  4. A Bias of Screening, 2019. AER: Insights. (with Ehud Lehrer
    Tags: Screening; Screening Failure.

  5. Transferable Deposits as a Screening Mechanism, 2021. Economic Theory. (with Ehud Lehrer
    Tags: Screening; Portfolio management; Market design.

  6. Screening Dominance: A Comparison of Noisy Signals, 2022. AEJ: Microeconomics. (with Ehud Lehrer
    Tags: Screening; Threshold strategies; Optimal screening.

  7. Strong Robustness to Incomplete Information and the Uniqueness of a Correlated Equilibrium, 2022. Economic Theory. (with Ezra Einy and Ori Haimanko
    Tags: Robustness to incomplete information; Correlated equilibria; Nash equilibria.

  8. The role of the second prize in all-pay auctions with two heterogeneous prizes, 2023. Journal of Mathematical Economics. (with Chen Cohen, Ofer Levi and Aner Sela)
    Tags: All-pay auctions, asymmetric multiple prizes, complete information.

  9. Performance Cycles, 2023.  Economic Theory.  (with Ehud Lehrer
    Tags: Portfolio management; Performance cycles; Fund flows. A corrigendum

  10. Asymmetric market power and wage suppression, 2024. Scandinavian Journal of Economics. (with Tomer Blumkin)​ 
    Tags: Wage Secrecy; Relative wages; Wage Dispersion.


  11. A Case for Pay Secrecy, 2024. American Law and Economics Review. (with Tomer Blumkin and Yoram Margalioth
    Tags: Wage Secrecy; Relative wages; Wage Dispersion.


Working Papers

Working Papers

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